Potomac Lice Lady, LLC is based out of Potomac, Maryland and provides lice removal services for children and family members in a stress free environment.  The products used by the Potomac Lice Lady are natural, pleasant smelling and contain no pesticides. We simply use our products as “combing aids”.  Therefore, they are safe to use on children of all ages.

When a family member has lice, it is stressful for the whole family. The Potomac Lice Lady and Staff can transform your stress into relief as they remove the nits and lice, and treat your child and each member of your family.

Don’t let lice ruin your day! Call us and help is just a phone call away! 240-390-6487 (NITS). While others claim they are lice ladies too…put your faith in us, and we will take care of you 🙂

**Our email has changed potomacliceladylauren@yahoo.com


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Leading Moms in Business Competition 2012 Winner

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